Saturday, March 28, 2009

We love you baby Kaden!!!

Rachel asked the nurse if Kaden needed more sedatives because he was moving around and had his eyes open. She called to check on him later and the nurse had decided to give him morphine. We do not want that little fella feeling any pain.

To me it looks like he is looking and responding to his parents being there.

These are kinda sad pictures but we have to remember that all this stuff is necessary to keep him getting better

We love you little precious one. May God hold you close to His heart while we can't hold you in our arms.


Dee said...

Hi my dear blogger friend, I have been following Kadens progress each day and still praying. Dee

Anonymous said...

Awww, what a sweet little guy! Praying the Lord will bring healing to his life, more every day, until he is healthy enough to live without the machines. God is graciou!

Rebecca said...

You do such a wonderful job reporting on Kaden's circumstances. Make sure you save a copy of your blog for Kaden because years go by fast and before long he'll be reading what Nana wrote. I especially like the way you showed all his little gifts and told where they came from. Aaron got a lot of gifts each time he was at Children's Mercy or in one of the Shriner's Hospitals. I wish I'd kept track as you have because it shows those who give the gifts just how much they are appreciated. Great Job, Nana!!!