Sunday, February 6, 2011

Making utensils by hand...

Tool Belt Jim is waiting out the snow by doing some woodworking. He made these utensils today. Pretty cool!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pictures from the Blizzard of 2011

When word came in that the snow storm was predicted to be 12 to 20 inches deep we at our local Red Cross office began to make plans in case we would have to set up a shelter. Our local Fire Dept. pulled our Mass Care trailer to our local designated shelter location. Being prepared is part of what we do!

I decided to stay in town at my little townhouse since our Red Cross volunteers were turning in their availability. I knew snow drifts much worse at my house in the country and there was the possibility I would not be able to get back into town if I was needed. Tool Belt Jim loaded my truck with extra weight but without 4 wheel drive or front wheel drive I still don't get good traction.

Thankfully, my neighbor let me park my truck in his drive so I could get it off the street. Nothing is worse than having the snow plow come by and bury your vehicle in piles of snow. I was so thankful I did before the night was over! I heard that snow plow coming by in the middle of the night!

I kept going outside and sweeping off my porch cause my storm door opens outward and I didn't want to get snowed in either! At about midnight I decided I better go outside and shovel my walk so you could see the steps and not fall.... starting to get deep out there!

The next morning I was so thankful to look out my door and see my neighbor had cleared not only the drive so I could get my truck out but had also cleared the sidewalk from my house to his so I could get to my truck. What a blessing that was!

So thankful for our city workers and those snow plows!

I spent the morning watching my industrious neighbor across the street shovel out his driveway. He is about to finally meet the plowed street and be able to be mobile once again!

There was lots of shoveling snow all over town. Everyone was trying to find snow shovels as well as other snow supplies. I heard one store in town told them that they did not have snow shovels cause it was out of season. Ha. Ha. Ha. But you can buy a bikini ......

Think my neighbor decided he has had enough? Heading to a warmer place to live that doesn't snow? Or selling his snow?

I hope everyone remembers how hard this weather is on our little friends that live outside. My little bird friends were excited to see me throwing out that bird seed!

This little fella was more hungry than scared and let me take his pic in exchange for some sunflower seeds. Isn't he/she beautiful?

I had chickadees, and wrens and redbirds and blue jays and even a couple doves all excited about my sunflower seeds.

This little bird decided to check out what was in that sack also. I am inside my patio door in the warmth of my living room snapping their pics.

The kids wanted to come down to my house to have biscuits and gravy so Poppy went next door to pick them up on the 4-wheeler. Living next door to Poppy and Nana does have its benefits!
Even though Poppy took the tractor and scraped the snow away from our patio door the kids still had plenty of snow to play in.

Don't they look like they are having a good time??
And even momma Rachel pulled on the overalls and took the kids out to play.... And she loves this snow much more than I do!

Blizzard of 2011

Well, last week we felt the effects of the Blizzard of 2011 as we are calling it. We received 19 inches of snow where I live and up to 2 feet a few miles to the East of us. Our chapter's Red Cross volunteers were put on alert and we moved our local Mass Care Trailer to the designated shelter location for that "just in case" scenario. I spent the last week in town waiting on the call that never came, which was fine with me. We were prepared and that was what counted!

My Police Officer son and his fellow officers spent lots of their time pushing cars out of ditches cause for some reason people do not believe it when they are told conditions are dangerous and to please stay home. Local police cars could not function on streets that had received 19 inches of snow so the local National Guard was called in to assist and the officers rode in hummers to answer their calls. I'm sure my son was delighted!

Unfortunately, I keep hearing rumors that another big snow is coming next week. All I have to my front door in my townhouse is a shovel wide path with probably 19 inches of snow on each side. I'm beginning to feel hemmed in already!

Spring, how far away are you???

Tool Belt Jim decided to go out in the woods and see if he could build a fire. Just because.

Potential fire Location

Cedar bark did not work as kindling

It takes fine dry sticks like this to start a fire. (dry grass doesn't work either)

The tinder pile

The result! (after 10 matches)