Sunday, June 30, 2013

An afternoon down at the creek....

Two of my grand kids were down for the weekend so we decided it would be a good day to go visit my dad and check out the creek I waded in when I was little.  It was hot outside and you could drive right down to the creek and wade right in.  My dad has a cabin built on the other side of the creek where he can go watch the deer and other wildlife and I thought the boys might enjoy seeing all the cool things my dad has in it.
  They especially were in awe of the stuffed bobcat.  And yes,  we are hearing more and more reports of the "big cat" in our area.  Mark calls them "big cats."  My dad says this one came from here so Mark was immediately on the alert looking for tracks.
Brothers.   Doesn't get any better than family does it?
 Mark and Koda are checking out the tadpoles and little fish going across the concrete crossing my dad built.  This little creek has quite a bit of water in it for as dry as it is in our area.  And there are parts of it that are deeper than I remember as a kid too..
 We decided to check out this path to see where it goes.  My dad had taken his tractor and brush hog and mowed a path for the deer.  It was cool in the woods and we all needed the exercise.  I wish I had a path like this at the Bed and Breakfast for a nature trail.

 Grandson Koda decided barefoot is the best when cool water is involved.  Remember being a kid and walking barefoot in the water?  Hope you had a creek to play in as a kid.  That's the kind of experience that stays with you always.  Bet these boys will remember Nana taking them to the creek on a hot summer afternoon to look for frogs and crawdads.

Mark was trying to convince me this was a "big cat" paw print.  He grabbed my camera to take a picture to take back and show his Poppy.  I didn't care what it was from as long as it didn't show up on our nature hike anywhere...
By the way, at the top of the mowed path we followed was this neat sign.  I need one of those too.  I have all kinds of neat ideas of things I want to do now.  Can't wait to get back home and get started.

The boys liked these blow up turkeys and wanted their picture taken with them.  Maybe that is what I need to entice the turkeys to come down to my pond.  Hmmm....

Hope you enjoyed spending the afternoon down at the creek with us.  We had a good time and we'll be back another day!