Friday, July 30, 2010

Man life is hectic right now.....

Just a quick update on why I haven't posted much lately. I've been working in a Red Cross office about an hour from my home helping train other volunteers with some computer work. And staying with my wonderful friend Kathy. I have been getting to work at 8:00 A.M. which I didn't know existed in my world cause I am such a night owl. So by the time I got off work I hit the couch exhausted. Ha. Ha. Unfortunately my friend has only recently moved and doesn't have her Internet hooked up yet so I have been offline for the biggest part of the last two weeks.

And since I am gone so much and Tool Belt Jim is running back and forth working on his cabin the little flock is getting too hard to keep up with. So I am going to sell everything off --what the predators haven't killed--including my beautiful peacocks. Know anyone wanting to buy peacocks? One is a white one and apparently they are all males. My hopes were that eventually I could turn them loose and let them roam my yard but if these are like my first one, they would be gone within the first five minutes I let them out. Sigh, Sigh....

My daughter's baby girl will be here in three weeks and then things will really get crazy!

The grass looks like I'm living in a jungle cause we have had so much rain. So this weekend will be major mowing happening around the homestead!

you all have a great weekend and thanks for wondering about me! Good to know I have friends all over!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Take me back to my childhood....

Some things take you back to your childhood and that is what this flower does. It is called a Passion Flower Vine and as a little girl I was enthralled by this beautiful flower. I imagined it as a beautiful ballerina twirling with her skirt swinging out around her. I believe there is a story behind this flower and it describes the story of the Crucifixion but to me it will always be a ballerina.

But whatever it makes you think of , it is beautiful. It will come back year after year and will spread too. Which is a good thing as Martha says.

Family movie night

My daughter in law Jennifer and my daughter Rachel and all the kids came over tonight to watch a good family movie together. We picked out this one....

Add to that sandwiches and nachos and ...

of course drinks and we are ready to kick back and let the movie begin.....
Good family time enjoying a good movie. The simple things in life. It's a Walton kind of night.

sortin the seed..

Tool Belt Jim bought this contraption somewhere and he and my son Kevin were using it to clean Kevin's fescue seed.

They ran into some kind of problem with the screen so they put their heads together to see how to fix the problem.

See that trailer load of seed behind them. That has to be shoveled into the cleaner.

Somebody has their work cut out for them. I have this handsome grandson named Caleb who has some good looking muscles. Bet he got them doing stuff like shoveling.

Once the seed is in the bag, then you sew the bag shut with this portable sewing machine that Tool Belt Jim also bought somewhere.

And he does it with a nice straight stitch.

Quite the setup here. The grain goes out of the cleaner up into this pipe and the bag is waiting at the end to catch the seed.
Kevin and Tool Belt Jim were having some problem with the screen so they took it out and sanded some on it and put it back in. Fixed that problem!

Shovel in some more grain....

Looks pretty clean by the time it gets to the sack doesn't it?

Think everything is working pretty smoothly now. It's your time to take over now Caleb!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ah Ha! Caught on camera!

I have been watching two hawks fly off from my chicken pen every time I drive up. This shows they have been perching on the roof over the feeder. Poor chickens. Nothing like having your enemy invading your private space is there? Tool Belt Jim said he came home today in time to see the hawk pull one of my little chickens out of the chicken tractor and fly off with it. Now that is covered with chicken wire on all sides.

Gonna have to do something about these hawks. Heard they are protected so you can't shoot them. What about if they are killing the chickens? Need to talk to a conservation agent looks like.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Peacocks strutting their stuff!

More pictures of the peacocks strutting their stuff! They seem to like to entertain for the camera. The white one especially likes to look at the blinking red light it seems. How I miss my one that flew away though.

The back of the peacock. It really only raises the feathers from the mid section of its body and leaves feathers on its tail still hanging down. I did not realize that about peacocks. I thought they were raising their tail feathers.

They seem to be saying " Here I am, now take my picture!"

It seems to be much harder to get pics of the white one doing the strut

Thought it originally was a girl but guess it is a boy.

"Do you ever get the feeling something is watching us boys?"

Monday, July 5, 2010

Something is watching you.....

I borrowed my son Kevin's wildlife camera cause something is getting my chickens again, this time during broad daylight and inside the pen. Tool Belt Jim thinks it might be a cat that is wild. It has killed his Millefleur rooster and one of the Americauna chickens and his little banty chicken which stays most of the time in the peacock pen. So I set the camera up on the wire of the peacock pen actually hoping to see them spread their feathers and do their little dance. And it was my lucky day cause I caught one of them on tape doing it's dance. Maybe tomorrow I will get a pic of the white one.

Is this beautiful or what! Wonder why his tail feathers are not all the same length though. Guess cause he is still young.

When they do their little dance they do a stomping kind of dance and turn in a circle. It is cool to watch but they won't do it when they see me. So, the camera idea was a great one.

As soon as it cools off we are going to have to start making plans to build a wider pen.

Kris the peacock who flew the coop looking for freedom has never returned. And apparently she was my only female according to Tool Belt Jim. So if I plan on raising baby peacocks, I'm gonna have to find me a female to buy.

I just love the peacocks but find it interesting that they never make a peep. What is that all about?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Produce from my garden finally....

Finally starting to get some vegetables from the garden. Ready to fix me a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich. Next year, I must amend my soil! Add lots of rotted manure this fall and till it in. Think I said that last year but this year I MUST do it!