Saturday, January 29, 2011

My white peacock was showing off today...

My white peacock was out showing off today. And he's getting braver about doing his struttin dance with me watching.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Polish Crested to add to the "little flock"

I just love my new Polish Crested Chickens compliments of my sister. Aren't they beautiful? I ended up taking 3 roosters from my "little flock" to the sale barn cause I had way too many roosters fighting in the hen house. Didn't get much for them but didn't have the heart to kill and eat them either. They were beautiful roosters!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spring, please come soon!

I spent the past several days resting up after mom's funeral and staying at my little "townhouse" as we call it. It has been bitter cold this past week and our first snow fell. Now, I am ready for Spring. I'm always good after one snow.
Stay safe out there!

New addition to my "little flock"

My sister Janet flew in from Mexico when my mom got sick and so she went to her "stateside" home and brought me back this pair of Polish Crested chickens to add to my "little flock". I think they are beautiful!

And we are finally getting almost a dozen eggs a day. Short while ago we were down to 1 egg a day. Now gonna have to start giving eggs away.
Sister Janet won't get these two back but I'll set some eggs for her when Spring gets here and she can have some of their babies.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We love you mom!

My mom passed away this week and her funeral was today. She had been in the Alzheimer's Unit for almost 12 years and now her spirit has been set free! Below is a grouping of her favorite pictures. Rest in peace mom!

She gave birth to 8 kids so we bought some flowers with 8 carnations.

One brother couldn't make it back for her funeral but here is my dad and my other brothers and sisters.
Mom is survived by 6 of her 7 brothers and sisters. This is my Uncle John being greeted by my youngest sister. It was great seeing cousins and uncles and members of the family we haven't seen for years.
This is a shadow box my sister Janet made in a shop class when she was a kid. Has all our baby bracelets in it. Mom always loved this box.
Wish my mom could have lived out her life differently but glad she is no longer in any pain and is running and jumping and talking in heaven. Until we meet again...... we love you mom!