Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We love you mom!

My mom passed away this week and her funeral was today. She had been in the Alzheimer's Unit for almost 12 years and now her spirit has been set free! Below is a grouping of her favorite pictures. Rest in peace mom!

She gave birth to 8 kids so we bought some flowers with 8 carnations.

One brother couldn't make it back for her funeral but here is my dad and my other brothers and sisters.
Mom is survived by 6 of her 7 brothers and sisters. This is my Uncle John being greeted by my youngest sister. It was great seeing cousins and uncles and members of the family we haven't seen for years.
This is a shadow box my sister Janet made in a shop class when she was a kid. Has all our baby bracelets in it. Mom always loved this box.
Wish my mom could have lived out her life differently but glad she is no longer in any pain and is running and jumping and talking in heaven. Until we meet again...... we love you mom!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Joyce and family~ My sincere condolences on your mothers passing. Sending prayers to my kindred spirit ~ Blessings,
Nanc (the woman who told you long ago that you were living the life we had planned)