Thursday, May 10, 2018

Nana sews a dress for Maddy's school play Goldilocks

Maddy got chosen to be Goldilocks for her school's kindergarten play! 

And since Nana has a sewing machine and knows how to sew Maddy calls her up telling her she needs a Goldilocks dress.   And of course Nana jumps into action.  Cause that is what Nana's do...

First the perfect yellow material has to be found.  And the pattern pieces from the above pattern has to be taken out of the package and instructions read and thread has to be found and what other necessary things the pattern says you will need to make this creation.  

Nana actually ended up combining two different patterns to make this dress happen.  

And an apron was made to wear with it too.  

Maddy had to try it on to make sure it would fit and not be too short.  I'm guessing she thinks being able to sew is some kind of magic.   Maybe when she is older I can teach her to sew.  Didn't work with her momma.   Something about the machine running away with her.  I keep saying go slow on the pedal and everything will be fine.  And keep your fingers out of the way.  Her mama isn't buying it.... 

and of course since the yellow tulips were in bloom we had to have a photo shoot.  

She decided not to wear the apron and I think the dress looks just as cute without it.  Here she is in front of her school.  Do you see why they chose her for the part of Goldilocks?  Wonder how many other little girls there were in the class with long, curly blonde locks of hair?  I'm guessing she won that part hands down...

I was concerned she would be too bashful to get in front of the crowds and say her lines but she did it like a pro.  The dress must have done the trick!  Isn't she adoreable up there?

I'm thinking she is thoroughly enjoying being the center of attention in her pretty yellow dress.  You go Goldilocks and work that crowd!