Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's the Bees!

Our neighbor brothers stopped by the house and told us there was a swarm of bees by their house so Tool Belt Jim and a little more cautious photographer headed that direction to check it out. Not sure if this is stupidity or bravery but Tool Belt Jim climbed up on a ladder to take a close up picture. He could even touch them and they didn't notice. So he decided the was going to try to put them in a box.

This is what a swarm of bees look like. One large mass of bees. He did shake the bees off into a box but alas they escaped. But not before one of them stung him. Well, that was an experience I'm not sure I want to photograph again. Watch my video below...


Flowers are blooming on the homestead...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New chicks on the homestead...

Grandson Mark brought a couple baby chicks home from his school and Kaden finds them fascinating. So back out comes the heat light and the little box. One of the little chicks sounds just like a song bird and just sings and sings...

Kaden thinks they are wonderful..

you can touch them very gently...

Not sure if we will keep these two even though I do have a couple hens wanting to set on some eggs. I was hoping to get some guinea eggs for them though. Don't you just love being able to live in the country so the little ones can watch the baby animals and chicks?

Brave or nuts?

Our neighbors came down to the house tonight and said they had a swarm of bees up by their house. So everyone jumped in the truck and headed down to see. Some of us kept our distance and some of us wanted a close up shot.
Tool Belt Jim even petted the bees. Maybe they won't sting while they are swarming? Probably should have researched it a bit before touching them is my thinking. But they didn't seem to pay much attention to him.

Isn't nature incredible?