Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On your mark, get set, GO!

This guy is HUGE! Largest snapping turtle I have ever seen! I snapped a pic of him trying to cross the highway in town by our local theater. Cars were whizzing by on both sides of him and he wasn't liking it a bit! My grandfather always said if you got bit by a snapper they wouldn't let go until it thundered so I wasn't about to try to move him. Grandpa also
always said they made good turtle soup too but I'm not trying it.

Sometimes you don't know whether to stand still, go forward or just back up. I'm sure this big fella is wondering about that right now!

First day of Fall is today...

Today is the first day of Fall and thought I would show you some pics I took on my way home from town yesterday. Fall is definitely in the air! The Persimmon trees are loaded this year.

The Hedge Apples are falling and lining up the roadside. I picked up a couple to take home with me to put out to keep spiders away even though it is suppose to be only folklore.

And the harvest is beginning. These are full of corn. It's amazing to me how this machine can cut the corn shucks and some way get the ears of corn off the cob and into these tanks or whatever they are called. And all the time the human just sits in the cab and lets the machine do all the work. Isn't technology great! I have an old fashioned corn sheller on my porch and it looks like work was involved in dealing with it.
Keep your eyes open out there for other signs of Fall.

The Hedge Apples are falling..

Folklore has it that you can place hedge apples around your foundations of your house and in closets and places and that it keeps away spiders, and other insects. My sister swears by them. Scientific magazines say there is no scientific evidence they act as a repellant. Oh well, folklore wins in my book. I picked a couple up and will stick them around the house and see if I see any spiders. It's that time of year that they start showing up in the house. I hate them nasty looking things. Especially those giant wolf spiders that look like they could eat a horse!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My hometown

Ever go back and check out some of your favorite places when you was a kid? I happened to be in my hometown this afternoon so walked down to the park to check out a couple of my favorite things. First one is this little fishpond. When I was little the library was located in the center of this park and we would go there on Saturdays to check out armloads of books. I loved to read! And then I would always check out the goldfish pond. Back then it didn't have the fence around it.

And always thought the bandstand was a special place also. Don't you love it that in small towns they still have concerts down at the local bandstand?
Good memories associated with this little park in my hometown!

Lola's Potting Shed

 This  little potting shed belongs to  Mule Skinner's wife. It is  adorable! And it has a stone patio in front. How cute! Looks like something you would find in a country magazine doesn't it?  Lola must love it!

Look what's popping up everywhere....must be all that rain we've had....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A big thank you to my Red Cross friends!

I helped my fellow Red Cross friends with their fundraiser recently and I received this T-shirt, pin and name badge in the mail. I was so excited! I am one very proud American Red Cross volunteer and I love what I do even without the T-shirt and things. But sometimes the perks are good also! Thanks to my friends and you know who you are for the surprise package!

Gonna have to start going to work in a boat if this keeps up!

We went from having a burn ban on cause it was so dry to rain that just won't stop the next day. I went through this water over the road home last night and we had more rain tonight so can't wait to see what the road is like in the morning!

Koda's craft project....

It's been a long time since my kids were little and we made things with Plaster of Paris. Almost forgot how to do it. And don't believe them when they say you have 30 minutes before it sets up cause it was set pretty solid in about 5 minutes from the time we poured it in the pan. He barely had enough time to stick his decorations on.

And we couldn't remember how to get it out of the pan once it was set. And of course the directions never mentioned it. So we pried it out with a knife around the edges then turned it over and beat on the bottom until it came out. Need to google some directions before we try another one. Thought it would be fun to get little baby Maddy's hand prints in one and then put some pretty buttons and barrettes and little rings on it.