Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First day of Fall is today...

Today is the first day of Fall and thought I would show you some pics I took on my way home from town yesterday. Fall is definitely in the air! The Persimmon trees are loaded this year.

The Hedge Apples are falling and lining up the roadside. I picked up a couple to take home with me to put out to keep spiders away even though it is suppose to be only folklore.

And the harvest is beginning. These are full of corn. It's amazing to me how this machine can cut the corn shucks and some way get the ears of corn off the cob and into these tanks or whatever they are called. (Tool Belt Jim is embarrassed. He wants me to tell you they are called "gravity wagons.") And all the time the human just sits in the cab and lets the machine do all the work. Isn't technology great! I have an old fashioned corn sheller on my porch and it looks like work was involved in dealing with it.
Keep your eyes open out there for other signs of Fall.

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