Saturday, September 9, 2017

I'm a bit of an "old soul"

I spent some time today trying to down size some of my "treasures."  I love old things.  Old jewelry,  old doilies,  old cross stitch,  old hand embroidered pillow cases,  old table cloths,  basically anything old.  Have I always been that way or did I acquire this "old soul" later in life?  I can't remember.  Some of these items belonged to my Grandma Hicks,  some were from my Great Aunt, and some I picked up from auctions where they were crying out to me as I walked by to take them home where they will be loved once again.

Vintage Aprons!  I love them!

  Tell me how this apron made of this material was used for anything but making the cook look good!

Now this apron looks a little more on the practical side

And vintage handkerchiefs!  I did buy a shadow box to display my vintage handkerchiefs in.  They are so lovely and delicate.  I'm guessing no real lady ever went anywhere without their delicate handkerchief. And I'm guessing she never blew her nose on them either!

Doilies!  Starched stiff!  I can't imagine how long it took to make one.  It's a dying art I'm afraid!

And look at the detail in these raised doilies!  I love them!

Here's a full view of the doily above.

Next is table cloths

This one almost looks like it is made of old flour sacks

These table cloths with matching napkins have been starched and ironed.  I'm guessing they were only used for special occasions. And these probably haven't been unfolded for 50 years!

I have several white table cloths also

And I love old hand crocheted dresser scarves

Some dresser scarves have matching scarves that go under those little lamps.  Which I have also

 I've noticed many have these little crocheted edges.  And I also noticed pink seems to be the predominate color.

And my favorite is the beautiful pillow cases

Is this beautiful or what?  

I don't have many of the crocheted colors but I do have a couple

And finally I love old sparkly jewelry!  Which I like to put in a shadow box and hang on the wall. 

Hope you have enjoyed pictures of my treasures!  And I hope you are an "old soul" too!  We might meet someday at a flea market digging through the bins of old doilies or at an auction where someone else's treasures cry out for another "old soul" to take them home and love them again!  See you there!

Friday, September 8, 2017

The Great Aunts throw a party for the younger generation in 2015

The Hicksie Chicks decided a good tradition would be to throw a tea party for the younger generation.  We had such a blast!  Our  Aunt Alean attended as the oldest Hicksie Chick and the older generation wore vintage hats and we painted kids fingernails and put makeup on them and they dressed up in their cutest outfits and we had lots of jewelry and glittery things.... it was a special time that I think they will remember always.  Come along with me and enjoy our little party!

The kids Great Great  Aunt Alean has since passed away but she was in her nineties in this picture and loved attending the party!   And she sat quietly while the kids put lipstick on her and painted her nails too!

We had plenty of sparkle and makeup and jewelry and all the things you need for a successful party!

and it was the perfect time to dress in the finery fitting a special occasion
and the little girls loved having the makeup put on by the  Great-Aunts.

They may call us their "crazy great- aunts" someday but today there were pretty impressed with us!

There were painted nails and stick on nails and glittery nails and nails of every color... Nails of beauty!

And the lipstick flowed ....

and not just on the young!  And we didn't limit this party to just girls either!  

Nails are done,  lipstick is on,  time for the eyes!

And now that everyone is looking gorgeous ....

it's time to go outside and blow some bubbles...

I think we can safely say a good time was had by all.  It's been two years since this party for the younger generation was held in 2015.  The kid's Great Great Aunt Alean has passed on.  Kids are growing up.  And it's important we do this again!  I hope the kids remember always getting together with their Great Aunts and Great Great Alean for a time to remember always!