Sunday, June 27, 2010

Penney's had a 60 percent off sale!

My daughter wanted to go to the nearest mall cause Penney's had their baby clothes on sale so we got a motel and decided to make a weekend of it. Had a good time with the kids getting to swim in the indoor pool and the shopping. And after her husband got off work he drove down to join us. Everyone had a good time and she got some good bargains in the process. And I was delighted cause many of the dresses were in my favorite color---pink!

Princess dresses for our soon to be born little princess. C-section will be on Aug. 26th I believe. Eight more weeks!

Kaden may have a hard time given up his sister's new pink blanket

The Shasta Daisies are Blooming again....

The Cabin

Tool Belt Jim sold the 13 acres of land that he had bought several years ago and had been looking around to find some acreage with a cabin on it in a more secluded area. He found such a place located about 2 hours from us up on a small mountain top.
You can't tell from the pic but we had to park my truck at the bottom of the mountain and drive up to the cabin. 4 wheel drive is almost a must.

Tool Belt Jim has been hauling equipment and stuff to the cabin in the last few weeks and mowed an area around the cabin. By the way, we were reading on the Internet that bears have been seen in this part of the world. Uh oh!

Here's the view from the front of the cabin. Wish the camera showed depth better.

Tool Belt Jim built a shed to keep his tools in, and set up the water heater in the shed also.

He ran the pipes so as to have a shower outside the building. Unfortunately, water has to be trucked up the hill in a large tank. No water will be wasted up here!

Here is where you also wash your hands.

And how could we possibly forget the outhouse. Tool Belt Jim also built this. The top half of the door is gone so the sun can shine in I guess. But the rain and snow can also come in. Jim has already bought a septic tank so the outhouse is only for a short time.

Here's Tool Belt Jim taking a break in his recliner while eating a snack. Notice the shower stall beside him. The cabin was already plumbed for a bathroom.

The boys and I stopped at a small convenience store down the road and bought some stuff for us lunch. Their poppy had found a really nice table and antique chairs to put in the cabin.

Since we forgot to pick up paper plates , Koda had to eat his cottage cheese right out of the container. Doesn't seem to have slowed him down any.

The previous owners had already poured a concrete pad where he intended to build a house. Can't imagine how a concrete truck would have ever made it up the mountain.

Blackberries were beginning to ripen along the edge of the concrete pad.

The previous owners had planted apple, peach and plum trees as well as cherry. The peaches were almost ripe so Tool Belt Jim sliced one for Koda to try.

It's hard to see from the pic but the peach tree is loaded.

Mark snapped this pic just after I finished calling his mom to tell her we had made it. Cell phone reception is great up here at the top

The generator had run out of gas just before we got there so Tool Belt Jim had driven into town to get some more gas and unfortunately when he got back, the generator wouldn't start. So he loaded it up in the back of the truck and we decided to head back to meet the boys momma for a shopping trip. Too hot to stay at the cabin with no air working. Koda is like me and afraid of heights so Poppy is telling him he would be fine riding down the mountain while sitting on the console. Can you tell by the look on his face that he is not buying it?

My truck is at the bottom of this steep hill. Unfortunately, you can't tell by the pic that this road is taking you straight down. Very steep!

Now to hit the mall and look for some little girl dresses on sale! My daughter and her husband are meeting us to stay overnight in a motel so the kids can swim and then we can shop. Been a great weekend and accomplished a lot.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quote for the day...

"At the end of this age the church will live in an imperfect environment in the darkest of times, against the greatest onslaught of evil and temptation, yet she will choose righteousness over iniquity." Rick Joyner from the book The Apostolic Age

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mom's biscuits...easiest biscuit recipe in the world!

Don't these look great? And they taste delicious especially with butter or honey dripping off them. This is my moms recipe and she had 8 kids so anything that was fast was king.
The two most important things to remember here are self-rising flour and a cast iron skillet. Can't go wrong if you have those two items. Here's the recipe:

Mix together self-rising flour and pour in milk and stir until you have the consistency you need to drop them from a spoon. Heat your oil up in the cast iron skillet. Drop your biscuit mix into the oil and then flip the biscuits over . Keep adding dough until the pan is full. Pop into the oven and there you go! How easy was that? Bake on 375 until you can tell they are done. Should slide right out of the skillet when you turn them over on a plate. Serve while hot!

Look what came truckin down the dirt road this evening....

This is a snapper and he's probably heading for my pond.  My grandfather always told me when he was a kid that they made turtle soup.  I'll pass.  And he also told me that if they latched on to you that they wouldn't let loose till it thundered.  Those kind of stories always make me smile.  Hope you smiled also!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

White peacock is back in the pen...

Tool Belt Jim caught the white peacock this morning so only have one left out. Unfortunately the one still escaped is the only female of the group so hoping we can get her back in the pen soon. No sign of her this morning except for a few feathers on the ground but I am hoping she lost those when she flew up in the trees.

Three "flew the coop"...

Somebody left the connecting door between the peacock section of the chicken pen and the regular section open and three of my peacocks were able to fly out of the pen. There is a roof over the section I keep the peacocks in but not over the connecting pen. Tool Belt Jim caught one down by the pond but the white one and the green necked one are high in the trees and aren't budging. They spent the night up there. I was hoping they would fly back to the pen once it got dark and roost on the roof of their pen but didn't happen.

I really don't mind them being out as long as they can stay away from the predators and will stay around our property where I can see them. They may like it down around the pond where they can have access to water and trees are overhead for safety and roosting.

We shall see.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Paint party

My sisters thought it would be a great Father's Day present for our dad to get together and paint his house and the home we grew up in. So they made plans to do it today. Weather called for rain by 1:00 but it didn't happen and the temperature rose to about 93 by the time we finished.

And we even let the men join our little party. None of us girls like getting up on that ladder to reach the high part of the house so we were thankful for the men doing that!

And what's a paint party without a little bit of fun? Here one of my sisters is painting the butt of the other sister. Or pretending to anyways.

Sistah Brenda is in good hands here. I'm holding her ladder and my great-nephew is holding me so she can feel safe knowing she is in good hands.

And my youngest sister still has a smile on her face even though it is 93 degrees outside and sweat is running down our you know what!
And my dad was in charge of the food. We all love his deep fried catfish and he made sure we had plenty of that for lunch out on the gazebo.

And somebody had made new green beans with new potatoes. And we also had new potatoes with new peas. Nothing beats the taste of produce grown right in your own garden!

And of course there were hot dogs for the kids. My dad knows how to run that grill that's for sure!

Great Nephew Blake doesn't like having his picture taken. He is such a doll.
And this one was a little chatter box. So sistah Brenda gave him a paint brush and he thought that was great!
And he liked having his picture taken.

Nothing like a porch swing and a cold drink on a hot day. Ah, the simple things in life!

My sistah talked the boys into giving her a foot rub when we took our lunch break.

Nephew Josh looking cool in his sunglasses. I painted the low part of the house and he could reach over my head to the high parts.

Don't kid yourself that catfish was wonderful!

He finally warmed up to me enough to pose for this picture. Maybe I could take him home with me since my babies are grown and gone.

My dad has a covered gazebo with picnic table and it was pretty cool eating outside in the shade.

Here's my other brother in law who also helped paint up on the ladder. I was painting down below while he was up on the ladder and I accidentally bumped the ladder while he was up on it. Don't know who was startled the most, me or him. Of course if I had knocked it down, he certainly would have been affected the most. Ha. Ha.

But after lunch we picked up our paint brushes and headed out into the heat to finish up what was left. Since the house looked so good with that new coat of paint we thought we might as well paint the shed too.
And the last thing to be painted was the front porch. At least that was in the shade!
Another fun time with my family! And the house really looked great with the new paint job! Happy Father's Day to my dad!