Friday, June 18, 2010

Mom's biscuits...easiest biscuit recipe in the world!

Don't these look great? And they taste delicious especially with butter or honey dripping off them. This is my moms recipe and she had 8 kids so anything that was fast was king.
The two most important things to remember here are self-rising flour and a cast iron skillet. Can't go wrong if you have those two items. Here's the recipe:

Mix together self-rising flour and pour in milk and stir until you have the consistency you need to drop them from a spoon. Heat your oil up in the cast iron skillet. Drop your biscuit mix into the oil and then flip the biscuits over . Keep adding dough until the pan is full. Pop into the oven and there you go! How easy was that? Bake on 375 until you can tell they are done. Should slide right out of the skillet when you turn them over on a plate. Serve while hot!

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