Friday, January 17, 2014

Ice Storm of 2013

We have had some unseasonably cold weather this past month (even with a wind chill of 25 below) and on Christmas morning early I grabbed my camera and drove down some country roads to snap some pictures of the incredible ice storm we had.  It was a good thing cause by later in the day the ice was melting and I would have missed it.   Seeing the beauty in all things is good for the soul.  Hope you enjoy my favorite photos of the beauty in ice!
wonder how many people thought it strange to see my blue truck parked along the road sides early on Christmas morning?

Ice hanging down from the eaves of the cabin

 this windmill won't be turning any time soon.

The chicken wire on this fence made a unique pattern don't you think?

I have a friend who passed away and everytime I pass cows I think about him.  He loved these critters!

The ice on the pond is pretty thick

The netting over my chicken pen came down as the ice built up.

Loved the way the ice coated each individual blade of grass...
  The build up of ice on fence wire and the ice on the hay fields was breathtaking..
 Passed a little creek on my travels and stopped.  Forgot ice builds up faster on bridges and wasn't sure I was gonna get the truck rolling again without a push...but I made it and on I traveled..

 The hay for the cows was securely wrapped for weather such as this
 icicles hanging off my gate
 cows huddling against the cold.

 Encapsulated is the word that comes to mind.

 love old barns

and my very favorite pic is this one.  Ice on the fence posts.  Beautiful isn't it?