Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nana's keeping guard....

Chest Cavity has been sewn up--Dr. says Kaden is doing fine...and it went well

Are we glad that part of this is over!

Now they will be bringing him out from under sedation. Then they will work him off the ventilator.
Again we thank you for your prayers!

The Waiting Game...

Thought you might enjoy these pictures of what goes on in the waiting room of a hospital. Steve entertained us with his abilities to throw his hat in the air and have it land on his head. (hopefully).

Thank you Steve for that feat of accomplishment!

Koda is explaining his side of the story...Dad's not buying it...we won't tell you what the question was, but it usually ends with "Koda, are you telling the truth?"

Mom is explaining how the game works to Mark.

Koda seems to be listening attentively. Right now he's more in to Thomas the Train than video games but give him time.

And Nana and Koda snuggled to pass the time.

Poppy is getting through it with much coffee and Koda telling him the wonders of Play Dough.

Koda snuggled with Poppy also.

And Mark just kept concentrating on playing his game.

Update on Kaden 3/31/09

They will be closing the chest cavity late this morning. Then they will start backing off the sedation medicine. If all goes well, he will be taken off the ventilator soon and hopefully some more IV's will get to go.

Will be more of a stressful week for the little fella, so continue with your prayers.

We're also asking that you pray he never have any memory of any pain he might have felt in the past or will be feeling in the days to come.

And also be praying that as he comes off the ventilator that he have no problems with breathing difficulties.

The boys are going to "play time" at Children's Mercy this morning. Will be a good diversion for them. Keep them in your prayers also as they are having to adjust to mom and dad devoting much of their time and thoughts to the new baby.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Union Station

Poppy came to KC today to see Kaden and we figured it was a good time to check out Union Station downtown. Also would be a good chance to stretch the boys legs and run off some of that excess energy. Koda especially loves anything to do with trains.

Wonder how many tickets were bought here over the years?

This was a mural on the wall. My Great Uncle Grant worked for Mo. Pacific Rail Road and I always think of him and how he would have loved to have known Koda. They could have talked trains together. Unfortunately he died in 1980.

Union Station, downtown Kansas City, Mo.Old train car. Kinda a cool place to visit. The concrete jungle.

They loved watching the trains at the train exhibit.

Outdoor drive-in theater display. Saw my first movies in one.

Koda especially was taking in the wonder of it all. He loves trains!
Mark wanted Poppy to take him up the escalator. Looking a little apprehensive.
Koda and I are both afraid of heights and don't really like escalators. But we braved the thing together.

It was a nice afternoon to go exploring someplace new. And the snow we got last night was melting fast on this beautiful day!

Remember Koda used to be the baby....

Koda is Rachel's youngest and he used to be the baby. He's missing spending time with his mom. Neither of the boys have seen the baby since just after he was born. We feel it would be too traumatic for them at this time. They have a picture in their room of Kaden before he had all the wires and stuff that they can look at.

Remember when a hug could fix all your problems?

I love these pictures even though he's pouting because he didn't get his way about something.

Notice the little tear sliding down his cheek? Don't let it fool you.

He can turn them on and off pretty easily. They're precious anyway! I cut him some slack because these are trying times in his little life right now. Love you Koda!

Momma and Daddy

Here's momma with her precious little baby. Soon she will be able to hold him in her arms and then the world will be better!

And here's daddy who keeps talking and probably singing to his baby. He's the best daddy too!
Kaden's probably going to be a great baseball player someday! Is Cardinals baseball?

Poppy and Baby Kaden..

Poppy came up to the city today to see us and Baby Kaden.
He says Kaden smiled. I believe it. He moves and opens his eyes when you talk to him. He knows our voices! Poppy's probably thinking about what size knife this little fella will want.

Nana is so happy!

Nana got to go see Baby Kaden today for the first time in a few days. See how happy I am? My life has sure gotten simplified. This little one is always in my thoughts and prayers!
I'm telling him how much we all love him and are praying for him to get well fast. We want to pick him up and hold him close.

He held hands with his nana today. We both felt so much better!

He's doing good. The pacemaker has been turned off. His heart rate is good as well as his blood pressure. Hopefully, tomorrow they will close up his little chest cavity and then they will start cutting back on his sedation medications. Keep him in your prayers during this time as being on morphine etc. may have some withdrawal effects.
In a few days we should be able to hold him.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

We love you baby Kaden!!!

Rachel asked the nurse if Kaden needed more sedatives because he was moving around and had his eyes open. She called to check on him later and the nurse had decided to give him morphine. We do not want that little fella feeling any pain.

To me it looks like he is looking and responding to his parents being there.

These are kinda sad pictures but we have to remember that all this stuff is necessary to keep him getting better

We love you little precious one. May God hold you close to His heart while we can't hold you in our arms.

The traveling Red Cross blankets...

The comfy Red Cross blankets came with us to Ronald McDonald House in K.C. where we are waiting for baby brother Kaden to get better. It's good to have something from home with us that keeps us warm and makes us feel better.

Today they turned down the pacemaker because they think it might be competing with his heart and causing the irregular rhythms. Heart rate is now at 130 which is fine.

Hospital Gifts

These are some gifts that individuals make and give to the hospital to give out to their little patients. The frames Rachel bought. The lion hung over his crib when he was in Neonatal ICU.

This little safari blanket was made by morgansbutterflyblankets at butterflyblankets@yahoo.com. Thanks Heather Graham!

This little Pooh Book was given to him in the NIC unit. Finally got his footprints made.

Will have to ask Rachel where this little rabbitt came from

This little plastic canvas angel came with a tag that says "here is a little angel to watch over your little angel from my little angel." How sweet!