Friday, March 20, 2009

Potatoes are planted, Chicken House has been moved....

Poppy and Mark planted the potatoes and onions and snow peas and I don't know what all else today. Unfortunately, he planted three rows of peas and didn't leave much room for me to plant green beans (which he doesn't like anyway) or tomatoes.
I cut the potatoes up so each one had a eye as they call it.

Again this year we'll plant some in the planter box we made last year.

Poppy has a weird sense of humor as you can tell.

Here Poppy and Mark are planting cabbage.

And then they planted onions. Lots of onions. Red onions. White onions.

And Mark learned about fertilizer and what it does. Good home school project, wouldn't you say
Seen the first snake of the season in my garden today. He tried to climb the wall of the greenhouse which is made of clear plastic.

Didn't get too far but made an interesting photo shot.

Here's the new tiller Poppy bought. He had to put a new motor on it.

He's showing me that he can run it with only one hand.

Mark and Poppy pulled the new chicken house down to the place where it is going to live today also. Isn't this the grandest little house? Now I need to get some laying hens from some friends and I am all set. I guess Poppy needs to put the fence up around it first, but that shouldn't take long.

We're beginning to look like a real homestead now with real animals. Chickens are about all I want when it comes to animals.

Spring is here. I noticed blue birds are in my bluebird house this year. Usually, some kind of ugly bird builds a nest first. How I love the bluebirds.

And the Bradford Pear trees are blooming. Mine is pretty small but the ones in town are beautiful as usual.

My daffodils have been blooming for a while. Spring. How I love it. Isn't it great that God gives us four seasons? Spring especially is wonderful after a cold winter. New life bursting out everywhere.

I was met by the door tonight when I got home from the store by Mark holding the binoculars looking out into the dark night. Apparently the neighbors across the field were doing some burning and Mark was sure it was a house fire and wanted us to go check it out. His mom told him thick black smoke was usually a house fire. So he watches for smoke and will tell me if it is a field fire or a house fire. Isn't that funny? Kids!!
I made vanilla pudding for the boys tonight. Koda is trying to smile but you can tell he's still not feeling too good.

Speaking of kids. Just had their baths and are going to watch the "Madagascar 2 Movie" that I believe Ashley from the Walmart family gave to the boys. Thank you Ashley cause it's giving me a quiet evening.
I now need to take off my Nanny hat and put on my Vice President of a small corporation hat and do some book-keeping.

It's been a good day. Good night all!

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