Sunday, March 29, 2009

Union Station

Poppy came to KC today to see Kaden and we figured it was a good time to check out Union Station downtown. Also would be a good chance to stretch the boys legs and run off some of that excess energy. Koda especially loves anything to do with trains.

Wonder how many tickets were bought here over the years?

This was a mural on the wall. My Great Uncle Grant worked for Mo. Pacific Rail Road and I always think of him and how he would have loved to have known Koda. They could have talked trains together. Unfortunately he died in 1980.

Union Station, downtown Kansas City, Mo.Old train car. Kinda a cool place to visit. The concrete jungle.

They loved watching the trains at the train exhibit.

Outdoor drive-in theater display. Saw my first movies in one.

Koda especially was taking in the wonder of it all. He loves trains!
Mark wanted Poppy to take him up the escalator. Looking a little apprehensive.
Koda and I are both afraid of heights and don't really like escalators. But we braved the thing together.

It was a nice afternoon to go exploring someplace new. And the snow we got last night was melting fast on this beautiful day!

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