Monday, March 16, 2009

Proud Papa

Here's Steve with Kaden Shiloh Wallace Stinson. He's such a good daddy!
We want to thank all our Wal-Mart family and friends for their support, encouragement and prayers.


Beverly Phillips said...

He sure is a cutie! Can't wait till I can see him in person.

Anonymous said...

The pictures you have posted are a great way for us down here to keep up to date on how is and the fam. is doing. Give hugs to the boys from us and tell Rach and Steve we are thinking of them and miss them! Oh and tell Rach and steve that owen said, " Make sure to tell the hospital to fix Kaden's brokenheart." That is what I told him is why Kaden is in the hospital.

Carol Farmer said...

He looks just like the other 2 boys. Can't wait to see him. The Wal-Mart family is praying for little Kaden.
Give the boys a hug for all of us.