Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ronald McDonald House

After Kaden was transferred to Children's Mercy Hospital in K.C. arrangements were made for us to stay at the Ronald McDonald House located one block up from where Kaden would be staying. I cannot say enough about the hospitality shown us as a family by the Ronald McDonald House here in K.C. next to Children's Mercy Hospital. Besides the convenience of being able to walk down the street anytime we wanted to see baby Kaden, there is the added benefits of living in a place that is "just like home" except nicer.

We are staying in a room that sleeps six on sleep number beds. The room is still large enough to accommodate all our luggage and we have our own bathroom. I believe there is something like 19 sleeping rooms in the house we are staying in.

Every night supper is carried in and served by different church groups, families and civic organizations. The first night we were here supper was brisket, baked chicken, homemade macaroni and cheese , fruit salad, pie and cookies. It is so wonderful to get out of the hospital and come home to a wonderful meal prepared by people with a heart for those in situations just like ours. Usually a family with a child in a sick condition and in a hospital far from home. The kitchen is open 24 hours a day with two large refrigerators stocked with food as well as a stocked pantry for our use. The pop machines only cost 25 cents if you so choose to use them.

There is a full basement with a large screen TV and a playroom for the kids next to it. And adjacent to that is a laundry room with several washer and dryers for our convenience. Soap and laundry needs are furnished. In fact everything you could possibly need is furnished in these houses including bedding, towels and food.

I would encourage you to give generously to the Ronald McDonald House. Little boxes can be seen in the McDonald's all over the country. I can vouch that it is a worthwhile organization and the money will go to help those just like our family who found themselves needing a place to stay so we could be close to our little one while he is in the hospital. And if there is a Ronald McDonald House located close to the city in which you live, please volunteer there or even donate items that can be used there. How I wish I could do that but none exists close to where I live.

If you are like me you don't really think about places like Children's Mercy Hospital and Ronald McDonald Houses until one day you wake up and find yourself in situations like ours. I am sorry I haven't been involved up to this point, but from now on I will support them through giving of my money, through donating pantry supplies, by encouraging you all to support them also and in any other ways that I can. Please join me in getting the word out about this wonderful place to stay when illness strikes. Below are some pictures so you can see where we will be staying for the next two weeks to two months depending on how Kaden does with his heart surgery.

Here's big brothers Mark and Koda beside Ronald McDonald. Having a baby brother in the hospital affects the big brothers also.

Located just south of the Children's Mercy Hospital. It's a very large place!
Here's Steve going for the brisket. Food is wonderful!
The kitchen even had high chairs lined up for the little ones and was decorated with place mats made by children and then laminated. Good project for church groups and Sunday schools.

The basement was a wonderful place to relax and watch TV while the kids play in the room next to you.

Every toy imaginable seemed to be in this play room. And of course there was the pool table .

I certainly appreciated the laundry facilities.

Outdoors was a fenced in area with a sandbox, swing, birdhouses, play house, BBQ grill and wonderful patio.

There was the cutest little reading room on second floor with children's books and these rocking chairs. They have thought of everything to make our stay as comfortable as possible for all members of the family.
And this Ronald McDonald House even had a baby grand piano and a fish aquarium.
Thank you Ronald McDonald House. We appreciate your hospitality!


Anonymous said...

I know all to well about the Children's Mercy Hospital as well as the Ronald McDonald House as well. When our little one was born he was premature and very sick so he was in Joplin and we stayed at the Ronald McDonald house. NOw our son's dr.'s are all at CMH and we love them for everything they are and have done for our son. God bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Our granddaughter was born premature and spent a few weeks in a Children's Hospital. My son was so torn between trying to work and drive the 40+ miles to see his wife and baby while we kept their other child here at our home. Then the Ronald McDonald House had an opening and allowed them to stay there for a few nights. Just being able to see his wife and baby girl for a couple of days seemed to strengthen them all. They only had to pay a fraction of their income, and we were all so impressed and blessed by such a place.
I know that you'll all find strength through this time and we'll continue to uphold you in our prayers!

Kay aka dkswife said...

That is great. Thanks for telling us about it. I will most definetly do my part. :) ((Hugs and prayers))