Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pictures from Rachel

Rachel emailed me some pictures to add to the blog. Here's dad holding him.
This is my favorite. They're having a "father-son" talk. He's probably apologizing for Nana singing to him. The Bible says "make a joyful noise." Didn't say it had to sound great!

Aaw, the burp position. We've all been a little timid about holding him like this because of the IV coming out of his head.

This is the sweetest little "teddy bear". It has no stuffing and when I was there they laid it over his little head to make it dark for him. He'll come home wanting to always sleep with something over his head. Koda likes that too.

Isn't he darling. I miss getting my daily little talk and kissing that sweet little face.

Is it just me or are these pacifiers huge?

A better view of his special "teddy bear." Some mothers make something out of their clothing so the baby gets their own mother's scent on something to keep next to them. Especially if they have mothers that can't be with them. Thought that was a good idea.

See the size of the nipple on that pacifier? Wide eyed isn't he? Probably wondering what happened to his Nana! Oh, and Rachel said he gets to wear his own clothes now. And they brought him his own little crib too.


Claudia, Justin and Owen said...

Well that is adorable pictures of Kaden. He sure is getting big and fast! His eyes are to die for! I melt when i see his pictures! He sure looks as though he is doing well. He is still in our families prayers. I also hope Koda is feeling better as well. Tell them Koda and Mark Owen says hi! Tell Rach his and love her too! Tell Steve Cardinals BOOO hahaha :)

OB Nurses said...

Hi Stinson family,
Can't believe how much it looks like he has grown since leaving Nevada. He looks perfect in dad's arms. We are constantly checking the blog and keeping him in our thoughts and prayers. Tell Rachel and Steve hi for us. We will check back to see how the surgery goes.
God Bless and watch out for snakes!
Jacki & Jennifer
(OB Nurses @ Nevada)