Saturday, March 14, 2009

All About Kaden Shiloh...

I am keeping updates on Kaden here on the blog as we have so many people calling and praying and wondering what the latest news is.

His mother is still in the hospital and will be dismissed tomorrow after the Doctor gets home from church. She is handling this wonderfully and reminded me that the name Kaden means "fighter". He has been aptly named as he has had to fight from the moment he took his first breath. The Freeman staff made sure to roll Kaden into her room so she could touch him before he was transferred out. It was the first time she had seen him since he had been born.

His dad and both grandfathers returned home from Joplin after Kaden was transferred by air from there to Children's Mercy in K.C. about 2:30 in the morning. They are running on little sleep. Dad and Poppy Ron and Shirley went on to K.C. this morning to be with Kaden. Mom will follow after she gets dismissed from the hospital tomorrow.

Plans have been made to stay at the Ronald McDonald house next to the hospital. That will be such a blessing as now Nana can stay with the other two little brothers while mom and dad are with the baby. Will help with keeping the family all together during this unexpected turn of events.

Everyone is asking what they can do to help and we sincerely do appreciate everyone. Keeping us all in your prayers is the very best thing you can do for us at this time. Faith, Family, Friends.

Now for an update on Kadens medical condition. His surgery may be postponed for one to three weeks giving him more time to get a little older and stronger and whatever reasoning they have. They added a balloon catheter into his heart this morning. Their hopes are to get him off the ventilator by evening. They have put some kind of IV or something into his head . I pray that his heavenly Father hold him close and give him the comfort that his parents would like to be giving at this time but cannot. Hopefully soon they will be able to hold him in their arms. Continue to pray that God will continue giving his parents the strength they need in this situation.

Life takes unexpected turns sometimes but we are trusting God to lead us in this walk down a path we have not walked before.

We love and appreciate you our friends and family!


Dee said...

My prayers are with beautiful little Kaden, his family and you my blogger friend. Love in Christ. Dee

GrammyGoo said...

Continued prayers Nana for your precious little one. Praying for all of you. Asking God to set a hedge of protection around each of you. To keep your heart and minds by Christ Jesus. That our precious Lord would touch little Kaden's body. God is Faithful.
Hugs & Prayers, GG