Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ps. 101:2b..I will walk within my house with a perfect heart…

Kaden is off the blood pressure medicine totally and doing really good in that area.
His heart is still having irregular rhythms and they are not sure why.
He does have a external pacemaker which kicks in occassionally as needed.
So keep that in your prayers

Today will take us past the crucial 3 day window that the doctors talked about.

Funny little story about the teddy bear in Kaden's bed. The nurses thought he was a girl. Maybe they hadn't changed his diaper yet. Ha. Ha. Anyway, so the teddy bear they gave him was one with a pink ribbon for a girl. So when Rachel gets home she will change the ribbon. Told you he was pretty enough to be a girl. Of course this all took place during the initial chaos. So we will give them a little slack.

He also received a little blanket and a little plastic canvas angel that someone makes to give to the little children as they come into the intensive care units. How thoughtful.

Kaden still has the same little brown bear being placed over his face. It's probably comforting and helps with keeping the lights out of his eyes.

Again, please pray that the irregular heart rhythms stop. One of my earlier posts have some scriptures about that heart that you can look back at and begin to pray. Ex. a strong heart, a steadfast heart, a trusting heart,

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