Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chest Cavity has been sewn up--Dr. says Kaden is doing fine...and it went well

Are we glad that part of this is over!

Now they will be bringing him out from under sedation. Then they will work him off the ventilator.
Again we thank you for your prayers!


Jacki said...

Hi again Stinson family,
I hadn't been able to check the blog for a couple days and finally got caught back up on everything. WOW. How scary it all has been, God is definately watching over you all and Kaden and we will keep you continually in our thoughts and prayers. He is such a trooper and is so strong. Good luck with the recovery I pray you will be able to take him home soon. God Bless you all.
Jacki (OB Nevada)

Laura Mitchell said...

Praise the Lord!! We do serve an awesome God!! We will keep praying for everyone though.