Sunday, March 15, 2009

Children's Mercy Hospital

Rachel was dismissed around noonish from Nevada and then we headed home to finish packing for the city. Rachel rode to the city with her friend Jamie. Poppy and I followed with the boys and all the stuff that it takes to be gone for up to 3 weeks or whatever it takes. Jamie and Rachel have been friends since she was about 8 and they were both pregnant together. And she could recline the seat back in her car. So we caravaned to the city where Steve has been waiting . He has been following little Kaden from hospital to hospital and staying with him wherever he is at. He's a wonderful daddy!

What a friendly welcoming place we have arrived at!

We signed in at the desk to get to see our baby.

This is Ronnie's wife Shirley.

It was so exciting to get to HOLD the little fella.
And here's momma who finally got him in her arms too. I keep telling her he looks like Tim did when he was little. Kaden has the little Wallace lips but he has dark hair like the Stinson side of the familyIt does my heart good to see momma and baby together.

This is the teddy bear that Children's Mercy gave Kaden. Would you look at all that dark hair!

Medical Update: Steve called before we got there and the hospital wanted to go ahead and do a blood transfusion because the doctor knew that they were going to be doing surgery. But they could not hit a vein. They will possibly try it tomorrow.

He's off the ventilator and the only tube is the one going into his head for the IV. Oh yeah, he pulled the tube in his throat out himself. That boy's tough!!!

Everyone said he seems to be doing good.
Children's Mercy also has a playground for the kids to play at. So Mark and Koda had to check it out.

Children's Mercy is the best!

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Dee said...

Still praying for kaden. He is soooo cute. Good to see him with his mom. Dee