Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lost a tooth today!

Mark said to me this afternoon, "Nana, something came loose" and pointed to his tooth. He wiggled and wiggled it until it came out. Remember those days?
His mom and dad made a quick trip down from the city to see the boys because Koda was beginning to miss his momma. When we went to bed last night he started softly crying and when I asked him what was the matter he said, "I can't tell you." So I told him to tell God. And he said "it's about momma". So Steve and Rachel came down to see the boys for a few hours.

So they were here when Mark lost his first tooth. Thought that was cool. Rachel put it in a bag and wrote Mark's first tooth on it and the date. He's going to put it under his pillow tonight to see what he gets. He doesn't think a dollar is enough. Is that inflation or what?

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