Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update on Kaden 3/31/09

They will be closing the chest cavity late this morning. Then they will start backing off the sedation medicine. If all goes well, he will be taken off the ventilator soon and hopefully some more IV's will get to go.

Will be more of a stressful week for the little fella, so continue with your prayers.

We're also asking that you pray he never have any memory of any pain he might have felt in the past or will be feeling in the days to come.

And also be praying that as he comes off the ventilator that he have no problems with breathing difficulties.

The boys are going to "play time" at Children's Mercy this morning. Will be a good diversion for them. Keep them in your prayers also as they are having to adjust to mom and dad devoting much of their time and thoughts to the new baby.

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Carol Farmer said...

Our thoughts and prayers are strong for little Kaden. Please let Steve & Rachel know the Wal-Mart family is always praying for all of you. Give the boys a great big hug for us.