Thursday, March 26, 2009

Update from Rachel 3/26/09

Yesterday we went over to the hospital at about 5:45 am so we could spend some time with Kaden before his surgery. He went into surgery at 7:15 and one of the nurses came out and gave us updates about once an hour. Everything started out well but about 11:00 the nurse came out and said that they had tried to take Kaden off the bypass machine and it had not gone well. They opened his heart back up and found that there was an additional abnormality in Kaden's heart in that one of the vessels had grown down into the heart muscle itself and he wasnt sure he would be able to do anything about it which meant that his heart wouldn't be able to sustain life. An hour later she came and told us that the surgeon was still looking around to see what if anything he would be able to do. Another hour after that and she told us that the doctor had been able to do something(not sure what) and they had taken Kaden off the bypass machine and were watching to see how he was doing. Another hour and she told us that things were looking much better but that his heartrate was too high so they were keeping him in OR and waiting to see what happens. They had been about 95% sure that they were going to have to put him on an ECMO machine overnight basically to let his heart rest for awhile. But they were worried about it causing too much pressure on the heart where the doctor had put the sutures so they really didn't want to do that. He started doing alot better so they decided not to use the ECMO machine. Basically he spent 11 hours in the OR until they decided it was safe to move him to PICU. We finally got to see him around 8 and he has lots of tubes and things hooked up to him which we expected but you're never really prepared to see something like that. We stayed for about an hour and then ran over and took showers and came back. A little after midnight his blood pressure dropped and he had no pulse so the doctor there did CPR and they called the surgeon to come back in and there were basically about 15 people running around in his room doing stuff. After a couple of minutes his pulse came back and his blood pressure started to come back up so they called the surgeon back and told him not to come yet. He was doing ok after that and we went out about 2:30 and slept in the waiting room for four hours. This morning they said he is still doing ok and the surgeon has checked on him and multiple doctors so we are just waiting to see how it goes. Thanks for all your prayers. I make no guarantee of any of the medical facts in this email since I had way too much information thrown at me yesterday and too little sleep to process any of it.


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