Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Waiting Game...

Thought you might enjoy these pictures of what goes on in the waiting room of a hospital. Steve entertained us with his abilities to throw his hat in the air and have it land on his head. (hopefully).

Thank you Steve for that feat of accomplishment!

Koda is explaining his side of the story...Dad's not buying it...we won't tell you what the question was, but it usually ends with "Koda, are you telling the truth?"

Mom is explaining how the game works to Mark.

Koda seems to be listening attentively. Right now he's more in to Thomas the Train than video games but give him time.

And Nana and Koda snuggled to pass the time.

Poppy is getting through it with much coffee and Koda telling him the wonders of Play Dough.

Koda snuggled with Poppy also.

And Mark just kept concentrating on playing his game.

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