Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tool Belt Jim's Workbench

Stopped by the barn to see what Tool Belt Jim's latest project might be.  He's in the process of building a set of cedar kitchen cabinets for someone but doesn't want me to post them till they are completed.  So in the meantime I thought you might enjoy a pic of his workbench he built.  He seems to enjoy working with wood making projects since he has retired.  He has built two cabins with cedar siding which does look really cool.  He has piles of logs waiting to go through the process of being made into lumber.  And he has his own sawmill and looks to me like every woodworking tool known to man.
Finding the thing in life that makes you happy during your retirement years is a good thing as Martha Stewart always says.  Jim seems to have found that!  Now to teach his grand kids carpenter skills just as his Uncle Richard taught him.  Don't forget to pass your skills on to the next generation!  Especially skills that are dying out in this day and age!

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