Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The dock benches have been refurbished!

The benches that have been down at the pond are looking kinda rough and in need of repair and we have a wedding coming up at The Lodge so Tool Belt Jim loaded up the grand kids for some more character building projects. 

Since the boys are working on building their muscles we let them load the benches on the trailer.  

 Miss Maddy wanted to ride on the trailer but you can tell she's a little nervous but big brother mark is looking after her .  Nothing like big brothers arm around you to make you feel safe.

Cedar boards have to be cut and then planed for smoothness.   

Notice Koda has his ear protectors on.  He's learning to protect your hearing cause those machines are loud!

Nice shop Tool Belt Jim has there!  

Maddy believes just because you are a girl doesn't mean you can't do what the boys get to do! 

Look what the static electricity does to her hair!!!

Koda wanted his picture taken next to Tool Belt Jim's hand crafted work bench,  I believe he inherited his Poppy's original tool box .  He made a bunch of bird houses one year and then sold them.  Learning some skills in the shop!

The cedar slats have been cut and planed and sprayed with a sealer so they are ready to be taken back to the pond.

Don't they look great!  Just in time for the wedding.  I think they will make great photo props besides a great place to sit on and reflect on life while down at the dock.  Homestead life is fun but projects are always needing to be done!

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