Sunday, July 9, 2017

Grandpa's Boots

I went to grandmas house today to apply a special wireless cardiac monitor that she has to wear for the next month. While I was there she offered me some sweet corn from her garden. She said they had more than what they could do with and she knew I would either eat it or freeze it. So after applying the monitor and getting her set up with the transmitter, we headed for the garden! But not before grandma decided to use grandpas work boots to go outside so she wouldn't have to take her house shoes off. Of course as soon as she slipped on the boots she looked at me and said," isn't this a picture opportunity?" I grab the phone and took a picture just as she was trying to do a high kick with the boots on. 

We stepped out of the house and headed towards the garden but not before grandpa saw us and offered to supervise from "his spot". He does that quite a bit, trying to make himself feel like he is large and in charge at 93 years old when we both know that grandma is the one that keeps him on his toes.

 I will go back to their house next weekend to change out monitor transmitters and see what other antics grandma is up to.

Grandma scaling the electric fence to get to the corn.

-Janet Wallace Taylor

Excerpt from Grandma's journal:

Now I still joke and play tricks on Grandpa. I wear his chore boots with my house shoes on so I don't have to hunt up mine and wear them. I was needing to empty the garbage. He set his boots out to wear as he was putting on his coat. I jumped in the boots (size 13) and grabbed the bucket of garbage and ran out and emptied it. He was putting his cap on and looking for his boots as I was walking in the door. He looked at me and said, "I should have known."

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