Tuesday, July 4, 2017

It's a baby calf in the neighborhood!

My neighbor called and told me they had a new addition on their little farm and if I brought the grand kids over they could bottle feed it!  How exciting!  A newborn calf!  So we jumped into the golf cart and rode across the street.  Now my grand kids are "city kids" and they were a tad on the cautious side at first.  And I  explained  to Miss Maddy that this little newborn takes a bottle too just like her babies .  Just a bit bigger!

Just look at this little fella!  And he was hungry and wanted what was in that giant bottle! I'm sure he wanted to be friends too! 

The boys weren't sure they wanted to be his friend!

My grand daughter wasn't too sure she wanted any part of this farm life either.  That bottle was much bigger than her baby bottles for sure! 

But eventually she decided to give it a try.  She is such a good mother!

Even Mark gave it a try.  That little calf downed that bottle of milk in nothing flat!

He was sucking and slobbering!  

and I'm sure in calf talk was saying "More! More!  I'm still hungry!"

I love it when animals are born on the farm!  I don't own a farm but take advantage of making sure I know people who do and don't mind sharing their newborns with me too!   One of my earliest memories is of our school taking my class to a sheep farm .   Remember to take this generation to the farm so they too can witness the wonder of the newborn animals!

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