Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Princess goes fishing

We call my little grand-daughter a princess and she loves pretty dresses and her baby dolls and a myriad of other things and lest I forget she is into melodramatics when it benefits her cause..  But Nana is teaching her girls can do things that boys like to do too.  Like fishing.  I loved to fish when I was a kid.  In fact,  I asked for and got a tackle box and pole for my 16th birthday.  There was a pond on the property next to where I grew up and after school I would change my clothes and  climb over the fence and tromp through the woods to get to that pond so I could fish before it got dark.  So it made me happy to see my little grand-daughter wanting to go fishing!

Her dad is teaching her the basic skills of fishing.  Like how to cast.  
Don't think she was interested in the first basic skill of how to bait your hook.  We'll save that lesson for another day.  It's enough that she wants to hold the pole at this point. 

Look at that smile!  

And of course you must be barefoot to be a real fisherman.  Er, fisherwoman....

And here's Nana and Maddy sitting on the dock benches getting our picture taken together.  Fishing buddies for sure!  

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