Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Storms have passed through and trees are down!

Living in the woods has many benefits but there is also one major drawback.  Every storm leaves limbs to be picked up before mowing.  And once in  a while trees will blow down.  My daughter lives in the "city" as we like to call it (although it is actually a small town in southwest missouri) so we think it is important to teach her boys character building skills.  What that really means is Nana and Poppy need help on the homestead!  

This tree is a little outside my scope of skills to deal with so Tool Belt Jim drags out the necessary tools and with the help of the grandkids they get to work.  Er,  to building character....

Can you tell the boys are finding character building as something they would prefer to skip? We are teaching them the proper way to earn money while we are at it  The old fashioned way.... You know,  the way where you earn it!

See, I told you Tool Belt Jim has tools!  That is one giant chainsaw.  For some reason he won't let me use a chainsaw.  Not even a small electric one.  I have determined I shall own one some day.  If my sister can run one- then I can too!  

Tool Belt Jim finds the fastest way to get a job done.  The Bobcat is put into service and it does a great job!

Once the bigger limbs had been picked up and loaded he drug my old rake out of my flower bed and used it to rake the smaller limbs up.  Whatever works!

Grandson Koda is just glad to see the trailer is full.   He's probably hoping this character building stuff is about over and he is probably ready to get back to "city life"

I see Tool Belt Jim and the boys taking the trailer load of limbs to be dumped at the burn pile.  And knowing Tool Belt Jim it won't be unloaded in any conventional manner.  Just guessing.  I've known him for many years.  Conventional is not a word you use to describe him with..

Ha!  I knew Tool Belt Jim wouldn't be unloading the conventional way if he could help it!  My only instructions to the boys when they are working with Tool Belt Jim is stay out of his way!  

So thankful that little project is done!  Till the next storm blows through!

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