Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Birds in the BBQ grill again!

Every year it is a battle between myself and the resident birds to see who is going to get to use the BBQ grill .   Once they have built the nest and laid the eggs I just don't have the heart to hurt those potential baby birds.  So I try to be proactive and beat the birds to the punch.

As you can see I wasn't fast enough this year once again.

Mama Bird is kept busy feeding these hungry little mouths!  

Baby birds are everywhere on my patio.  In the grill,  in the bird houses ! 

  And a barn swallow has built a nest by the door of my guest cabin.  I tore the nest down three times before she laid her eggs and she would rebuild each time.   I finally gave up and let her win this year.  Barn swallow nests are so messy too!  

I guess there won't be any BBQing going on around here for a while....

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