Friday, April 3, 2009

Out of ICU!!!

Kaden has been moved out of ICU and into his own room!!! He's in room 18 on the 4th floor. Here's what Rachel emailed me, just forget the part about waiting for a room.

Rachel says:
"They took out the one chest tube and all his IV's. They were going to put in another one for his antibiotics but they were having such a hard time that they asked Dr. O'Brien if they could change to an oral antibiotic and he said yes. They also took out the feeding tube. All he has are the heart/oxygen monitor stickers and the one chest tube. We are still waiting for a room on the 4th floor. They said they are kind of full right now so they are waiting for some to leave and get the rooms cleaned. As far as I know he is still going to be moved today sometime."

What good news!! We're all celebrating!!

On a side note--
Police Officer son Tim was home puking last night so pray we don't get that again!!!

What a beautiful day it was!!!

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