Thursday, April 23, 2009

We have baby ducks!

We went to our local Orschelin farm store and the ducks and chicks have arrived. So the boys picked out the four they liked the best and we brought them home.

Aren't they adorable at this stage? Now the question is and I don't really want to know the answer. How do we know if they are boys or girls cause we want to eventually raise baby ducks. Guess I'll get on the Internet and get educated.

Mark named his something like Peep and Quack..

Of course Koda named his Thomas and Gordon. He's really into trains right now as you can tell.
On the way home Mark said a real farm has two things we don't have. Cows and horses. I told him we have a "farmette" because we won't have those two things. I like to keep things small. Like ducks and chickens.
Rachel was checking out the rabbits but no way.
I need a banty hen because they make such good mamma's and will take care of chickens whether they are hers or not. I am sure the same goes for ducks.
My chicken pen may have to get larger!
And I love to hear the chickens clucking away in the sunshine while I am working in the garden.
Aah, the simple life. If you haven't heard or seen from me for a while, I'm just busy "down on the homestead/farm." I'll be back some day.

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Dee said...

I am so glad i stopped by for a visit....i love baby ducks. they make me smile just looking at them in your photo. I still don't know if Otis thebunny is a boy or girl.:-) Dee