Saturday, April 4, 2009

Look at those staples!

Kaden has metal staples on the outside of his chest which will be taken out in a couple days. Then there is also disposable staples under these which will dissolve on their own.

I can just picture Kaden in a few years on the playground opening up his shirt and showing his little friends his "battle scars". Won't they be impressed!!!

I can see the Wallace and the Stinson in this little fella. Isn't he adorable?

Rachel called this morning and they are in their own room and she is holding and feeding him. Things are moving along fast now. He has no IV's in and has only one drainage tube in. Still hoping he will be home before Easter.

What a celebration that will be!!!

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Anonymous said...

May God continue to strengthen Kaden. He's a miracle child, and God knowing Kaden before He formed him in his mommy's womb, knew exactly the purposes He has for his life. Kaden's a strong and beautiful little guy - I look forward to seeing God's perfect plan worked-out as Kaden grows!!