Sunday, April 19, 2009

What happens when your daughter sees a snake in her house?

My daughter Rachel called me about 10:30 last night to tell me that she was "inviting" me over. And I needed to bring some boots, some gloves and a flashlight. It seems Steve seen a snake go across the kitchen floor and go under the dishwasher.
These are my snake hunting essentials.
And I thought it was pretty rude of her to take a picture of my "rear end" while I had my head in her kitchen cabinets looking for a snake. I "edited" it so hopefully it wouldn't look so BIG!
Needless to say, the snake was not to be found. I pictured the whole family probably spent the night all huddled up in one bed sure that the snake was going to eat them some time during the night.
At least I was color coordinated!

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Rose said...

I hate snakes. I have always said if I saw one in my house, I was moving and the snake could have the house.
My daughter had one in her house last year and the animal control people tried to find it for her, but couldn't. So they told her to sprinkle flour on the floor, where they had last seen it, so they could track it and find it the next day. So she did sprinkle the flour and being her mother's daughter, left to spend the night elsewhere. They were able to track the movements of the snake in the flour, located and killed it. Just something to consider for future reference.