Friday, April 17, 2009

Trying something new in the Greenhouse this year!

I decided this year that we would try something different and plant some stuff directly in the ground inside the greenhouse. The roof is not totally clear as the sides are so I think that will be a plus. So I planted some tomatoes and some peppers right next to the south wall so they could get some sunshine.
Poppy ran his new tiller that he is so proud of. Likes to show me he can guide it with one hand

This little critter was hiding in the leaves when we raked them back

Poppy likes to pick these things up. They don't bother me but I don't plan on picking them up either.

And guess what else we found hiding in this pile of leaves in the corner?

Isn't it precious? Hope his mother is still around. And hope I didn't just plant their supper. And I hope snakes don't eat bunnies since they are both living in the same house!

After tilling the ground up Poppy added some peat to help enrich the soil.

Grandson Mark wanted to help do his part.

We planted heirloom tomatoes this year so we could save the seeds and grow them again next year. You can't do that with hybrids because they won't come back true to form. Good thing to remember when planting gardens during hard times. Learn to save seeds from vegetables and flowers. When I was a little girl I would follow my grandma around picking seeds from her flowers so I could take them to my house and plant them. And I was only about 5 or 6.

I also planted red peppers, green peppers, orange peppers, and yellow banana peppers as well as mild jalapeno peppers. I think I will also plant a few onions in here to see how they will do. The ground is so soft and wonderful after we got done adding peat to it.

Then I added straw to cover what we had just planted. Hope this will keep down the weeds and keep the soil moist at the same time.
It's kinda an experiment so we'll see how it goes. I may have to get some ventilation going when it starts getting hot. At least I won't have to worry about frost or hailstones!!

By the way, the price of plants seemed unreal to me. I paid $3.50 per plant at my local Wal-Marts for tomatoes this year. Planting a garden is getting expensive as is everything else in life in this day and time.
But what a wonderful feeling it is to be planting your own food and watching it grow.

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