Friday, May 28, 2010

The day the snake terrified the sister....

Hicksie Chick # 4 and Hicksie Chick # 6 (that's what we'll call my sisters) were outside working in the yard when a small snake --possibly a baby copperhead slithered out. Hicksie Chick # 6 was standing with a hoe in her hand but the snake disappeared before she could do anything. Now Hicksie Chick # 4 had surgery on her foot or ankle and has a cast on it with open toes. She is almost positive the snake has went up her cast. She thinks she feels it move. Now the dilemma. How do you get that snake out if it really is in there?
Now the cast is to come off Wed. anyway, so I say either go to the ER and have them cut it off or let Hicksie Chick # 6 do it cause she works for a DR. and knows how. Hicksie Chick # 6 was going to bed and Hicksie Chick #4 was lying very quietly on the bed hoping and probably praying the snake is either dead, not in there at all or gonna crawl out somewhere when it gets quiet. And that brings us to another scary thought.

Hoping it is all her imagination and nothing is in that cast. Praying it does not bite her if it is in there. And also praying she uses some common sense and maybe goes to the ER to get it checked out cause baby copperheads are just as venomous as adult ones I hear.

Just so you know,  Hicksie Chicks are a little on the crazy side.

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