Saturday, May 1, 2010

Baby Chicks are done hatching...

I ended up with 15 out of 16 eggs hatching. Pretty good I would say. One little chick had something wrong and never could get up on its feet the first 24 hours. It keeps quivering and laying on its side. I prayed for it last night and asked God to heal it's little body and guess what? This morning it was up walking around in the incubator. I took it over and showed it how to drink (you dip their beaks in the water) and put it under the light with the other chicks. It's not 100 percent yet but just the fact it is still alive is progress.
Little newborn chicks are kinda ugly aren't they?
But in only a few hours sitting in the warm incubator they look like the fluffy little chicks we are use to seeing.

As the chicks become dry I moved them into the little box that had water and feed in it and a heat light keeping them the same temp as was in the incubator. I dipped each one of their beaks in the water so they would know how to drink. They catch on fast as you can see!

So as the day went on I would have eggs in various stages of hatching. But finally, all had hatched out except one and all were the little fluffy chicks that we see and expect baby chicks to look like. What an exciting day this has been and what a miraculous process to get to observe.

Tool Belt Jim and I went to the chicken house tonight to put the chicken wire on the bottom of the chicken tractor so that I could put my momma banty and her babies back in there and give them more room to move around. And of course in the middle of fixing it , the rain started. And then Tool Belt Jim took the net to try to catch the little chicks to put them in with their mom cause he had let them out of the first pen thinking they would follow their momma who he carried in his arms. Didn't work like planned so was out there in the rain trying to catch the little rascals with a net. Too bad I didn't have my camera so I could take a video of it. But finally got them netted and back in the big pen with their momma. Now, hopefully whatever ate all the first group of chicks won't be able to get into this pen to get at these. Tool Belt Jim assures me nothing will be able to get to them. However, the weird little latch he put on the door worries me.

Well, tomorrow is another day on the homestead. And hopefully our rain will be over and the sun will shine!

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