Thursday, April 29, 2010

What an exciting day!

Last night the eggs started getting little peck marks in them and you can see they are starting to hatch. I can tell that 9 have places where the chicks are starting to peck their way out of.
One little black one and a little brown one were out of the shell when I got home about 3 today. I am so excited cause this little black one is a banty and I think it is from the black speckled banties that I am keeping for my sister. She is back from Mexico and will be taking them back home so I especially wanted some eggs to hatch from them. Yahoo!!

The brown one is not a banty and is from one of my good egg laying hens. So more eggs are forthcoming in the future from this little chick!
Isn't it adorable. Still not completely dry yet. I have my little box all ready with a heat light hooked up over it to put them in as soon as they dry. They are not suppose to need anything to eat or drink for the first 24 hours.

Aah, my little babies. Isn't it sad that chicks raised in an incubator probably will never know what a momma hen is. But mine will go under the banty with the chicks I bought at the feed store the other day so she can raise them up!
Another exciting day on the homestead! Life is just grand down on the farm!

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