Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to Steve...

He says he's 18 but I don't know how that can be especially when I am only 20!! Anyway, we baked a cake and ate outside on the patio for supper.

Some of us ate cake. Looks like Kaden ate paper plate. Ha. Ha. Didn't have any candles so stuck matches in the cake for Steve to blow out. Worked didn't it?

Baby Kaden is enjoying the great outdoors!

Can you see that red spot that looks like rug burn on Koda's head? Rough housing with Mark and hit his head on the sidewalk. Had to happen sometime I guess. Doesn't look too good does he through the eyes. Few hours later he was puking all over the place. Wasn't related to the bump cause that happened yesterday or the day before. Next time I will perk up a little faster when he tells me his stomach hurts!!!

How old will we be next year Steve?

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