Sunday, April 4, 2010

An old fashioned Easter dinner like grandma made...

Remember as a kid climbing in the car with the rest of your family and heading to grandmas house for Easter dinner? And how good the house smelled when you got there and how excited everyone was to see you? And the fun you had with all your cousins? Let's carry on that same tradition for the sake of this generation! We'll be glad we did cause it instills a sense of family in them and a sense of knowing they belong somewhere. Both of which are sadly lacking in today's world.
We had our family Easter dinner yesterday. First I dug out my Great Aunt Myrtle's glass jello mold. Remember there was always jello at grandmas Easter dinner? Usually with fruit in it. I have never made jello in a mold but today is a good day to start. I mixed up my jello and put it in the mold. Had no problem getting it to set up but couldn't remember the process for getting it back out of the mold. So I placed it in a sink of warm water and promptly forgot about it. So it was starting to melt when I remembered and took it out. I put it back in the refrigerator to hopefully set back up. On family dinners learn not to sweat the little things! Moving on...

Made cheesy potatoes again and cooked my turkey. Cut the turkey up and just left the breast part whole. After it was almost done I added my dressing around the sides. Still looks nice but without all the mess. Added apples and celery and butter and onions to a packaged dressing mix so didn't have to worry about eggs being in it and needing to cook for an hour and presto, instant dressing that tastes wonderful!

Sliced up the pork tenderloin I had previously cooked and froze. Tasted delicious and didn't have to spend lots of time preparing it.

Simmered the baked beans in the crock pot all day. Easy, easy...

Rachel and Steve made home-made bread and it melted in your mouth! Like the way they twisted it!

Here's my jello after it came out of the mold. Notice it looks a little soft around the edges. Popped it back in the refrigerator and by supper time it was fine! Looks neat too doesn't it? One of my grandsons wasn't too sure about eating something that jiggled! Isn't jello still popular with the little ones today?

Put everything on my tile counter tops where you don't have to worry about something being too hot.
Including these two beautiful cakes which I intend to sample both of.
And dinner is served!
My son Kevin and his family and my daughter Rachel and her family came over and we ate and enjoyed catching up with each others lives. And the kids played and played with their cousins. Making memories they'll remember long after they have grown up and left home. And they are happy memories of good food and happy times spent with family.
And we took the kids down to the poultry pens so they could see all the animals and help gather the eggs. And Tool Belt Jim showed them how to hypnotise a chicken. How many kids get to see that?
Happy Easter everyone! Live the day to the fullest cause He died so we might have life abundantly!

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