Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Garden Time Is Here Again...

Tool Belt Jim hooked up the plow to the blue tractor he bought and helped rebuild along with his brother Mule Skinner last summer. It was time to plow the garden once again.

Then he brought down the disk which had been hooked up to the yellow tractor and ran it over the freshly plowed ground. Now we will be ready to plant just as soon as the weather warms up a little more.

We actually have two gardens again this year. The one next to the greenhouse will have potatoes, tomatoes, green peppers and things like that. The second one will have corn and watermelons and whatever Tool Belt Jim wants to try to raise.

Here Tool Belt Jim is trying out the old antique manure spreader he picked up somewhere. Our neighbor loaded it with some aged manure for us and it really did work great. Threw that manure like you wouldn't believe! Tool Belt Jim sees the value in things that just look like a hunk of junk to me.

Only problem was this size load didn't go very far so we decided to go ahead and spread it down the rows. No sense putting manure in the aisles.

Here the boys are picking up what was left of last years gourds. Notice the snow boots and shorts. I guess boots are boots. Koda wasn't sure he wanted to touch those gourds. He's really not into farming too much! Today he came into the house and told me a gray fox was down at the chicken house. When I asked him how he knew what a gray fox looked like he explained he had seen them on TV. So I went out to check it out and there was three very large white dogs checking out my chickens. They ran off when I came outside. Hope they don't start hanging around here. And guess I better start listening to Koda when he tells me things.

After spreading the manure Tool Belt Jim then ran the disc over the ground. Suppose to come in a rain storm so glad we got it done. Now we just need the weather to warm up so we can get some planting done. I went to four places in town and bought my heirloom tomatoes, some red and green and yellow peppers, and my green and purple cabbage plants. Tonight is a rain storm coming and tomorrow night is suppose to frost. That's our Midwest weather for you!

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