Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fruit trees are in bloom on The Homestead!

Here's a few quick shots of my fruit trees in bloom. Hopefully this year we'll get some fruit. Last year the frost got the blooms.

And here's my ornamental Cleveland Pear that is only a few years old. Quick growing and a stronger tree than the Bradford Pear which is so beautiful but doesn't hold up to storms too well.

And here's a quick shot of my Jane Magnolia Tree once the blooms are fully opened.

How beautiful is that?
I love Spring flowers. And summer flowers. Guess I just love flowers.


Anonymous said...

So pretty! We have a plethora of spring flowering trees and plants going on here too. I can hardly wait to wake up and look out at what's blooming now.
What beauty God surrounds us with.

Liz Haller said...

Hi Joyce,

You have such a sweet blog. It's fun to drop in to see what you've been up to.

Love the flowering trees!