Monday, March 31, 2008

And Then Came The Rains.....

The heavens opened and down came the rain and more rain and more rain. Water gushed across our yard and headed toward my garden and all those potatoes I had just planted. I'm hoping they don't all wash away!

The water was going over the spillway down at the pond and the boat was in danger of floating away, never to be seen again.

So Tool Belt Man brought up the 4-wheel drive and we went to check out how high the water was. For the second time since we moved out to the 80 acre homestead, the road was flooded blocking our exit into town by going North. My daughter kept reminding us to "turn around , don't drown" from the back seat of the truck. So we watched to see if the oncoming car would give it a try, then backed up the hill and went south. Again, the road was blocked. By now, being a person who hates being blocked in, I was hunting for a paper bag to breathe into. So again we backed up and this time headed west. The deluge of rain had done a number washing out the road, but it appeared to be open going into town that direction. When we got back home, my daughter donned her husband's boots and we took the boys and headed across the yard to check out the damage. Everywhere we walked we kept sinking into the ground. The boys thought it was a hoot. It started thundering so I grabbed the kids and made a dash for the house, sinking into the wet ground every step of the way. We were all muddy by the time we got back , but what fun it was!

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