Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cattle Panels- Best Thing Since Duct Tape

I have found that cattle panels are an indispensable part of living on the 80 acre homestead. Tool belt Man and two of my grandsons unloaded some I bought recently. Apparently, the littlest one did not like the noise because you will notice he has his ears covered.

I have cut them up and used them as a trellis for my clematis to run up, shaped them into a giant U-shape and trained my wisteria to climb up and over the top, trained my grapevines to run up the top of one, and run them in rows in my garden for my tomato vines to have something to support them. Now I plan on circling the perimeter of my garden with them so as to keep the deer out . And they are inexpensive!!!

I learned the hard way though that you do not want to haul them home in the back of a new pick-up. They do terrible things to your paint job!

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