Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Cherry Tree

Today we picked up another Cherry tree at Lowe's. We plant fruit trees every year on the 80 acre homestead because the deer usually destroy in one way or another our trees. Tool Belt Man found a cider press at an auction one year and has this dream of making his own cider using the old press. However, we don't have much luck with the apple trees either. But, we'll plant again.

Mark and Koda think anything their "poppy" is doing they should be helping with, so everyone jumped into the jeep and headed for the orchard. "Poppy" had already brought shovels for each of them thinking years from now they will remember having a part in planting "the cherry tree."

Mark couldn't figure out why we were only planting one tree. Poppy assured him we would plant more but the store only had one today. I like the way that little one thinks. Never plant just one of anything, that's my motto!

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Anonymous said...

Nanna & Tool Belt Jim are a interesting read. Those little guys are pretty cute too. You maybe we should try to get you a reality show I'm sure it would be quite interesting at times as well.We could call it the New Walton's!!!
See You